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Located in Donelson, The Bowtie Barista is a pioneer in the craft coffee world for this part of Nashville, TN.

Photos by kolby Schnelli


The Bowtie Barista was envisioned and created by owner Keith Weiser.  The Bowtie Barista is a perfect blend of a third-wave coffee shop and a fresh juice bar.

Set up right next to it's brother company, Bowtie Barber Club, the coffee shop shares a similar old timey, minimalist feel.  From it's signature macadamia milk, Milkadamia, to it's high quality beans from OSA Coffee Roasters, The Bowtie Barista takes pride in serving only the best.





315 DeadeRick St Suite 140
Nashville, TN 37238



M-F 7am–3pm
Sat  Closed
Sun Closed

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